The League is open to any player/club who will abide by the modified rules of our competition. The modified rules are to allow the players to ‘have a go’ but to keep it as safe as possible while learning and developing skills. The league plays on Saturday morning – Juniors (U10) commence 8.45 and Seniors (U12) at 10am. Game duration is 4 x 15 minute quarters. There are 12 home and away games for Season 2019 with a finals series for both U10s and U12s. Scores and ladders are kept for all ages/divisions and Best and Fairest, and Premiers Cups are presented by the Association for all ages/divisions.
All players are learning the game in this Association and behaviour and sportsmanship is the main focus. All umpires are learning the game too. For spectators and officials, behaviour is also a focus and abuse etc. of umpires and players will not be tolerated; penalties can and will be applied to teams for breaches of the codes of behaviour.


Only one bounce
No taking out of ruck
Interpreting no kicking off the ground rule
No boundaries umps
No sling tackle
12 min quarters
10m distance penalties
Any distance is a mark


Only two bounces (15m between bounces)
No taking out of ruck
Interpreting no kicking off the ground rule
Yes boundaries umps
No sling tackle
15 min quarters
25m distance penalties
10m distance is a mark


  1. Be reasonable
  2. Make sure that your players understand the modified rules
  3. Discuss the Players’ Code of Behaviour with your players to ensure that they know what is expected of them in this regard.
  4. Avoid over-using the talented players
  5. NEVER abuse players in any circumstances
  6. Encourage your team to show respect for their opponents and the umpires
  7. Do not take any risks with injured players
  8. Ensure that your behaviour is exemplary at all times


  1.  Your children play football for their enjoyment, not their parents
  2. Ensure your actions/words are positive and good-natured.
  3. Never criticize your or any other players from the sidelines.
  4. Abusing umpires, directly or from the sidelines, is not acceptable
  5. Always encourage your child to be a “team player”
  6. Physical clashes are, of course, inevitable in football, parents should never be heard on the sidelines urging players to “flatten him”, “run through him”, etc.
  7. Remember children will display a sporting attitude like yours


  1. Make sure you understand the rules of football
  2. Encourage your teammates at all times.
  3. Make the ball your target at all times, but when you have to tackle, tackle fairly.
  4. Never argue with the field umpire or any other umpire. Talk with your coach if you have a problem.
  5. Bad language is not acceptable and may be penalised.
  6. Always listen to your coach’s instructions
  7. At the end of each match, whatever the result, always shake hands with your opponent and join your team-mates in giving three cheers for the opposing team and the umpire.