Competition Details:

Junior Football In Conjunction With AFL Victoria

The SFL is in a partnership with Football Victoria (FV) and as such the rules have been approved by them. The game is modified, concentrates on the fun elements of playing and encourages participation and safety for all players. An Association Code of Conduct exists for players, umpires and spectators/parents, and is adopted and promoted by each club.

AFL Groupings – Competitions and Finals

There are 2 age groups: Under 10 and Under 12. As a general rule, grades 2, 3 and 4 are classified as Under 10 and grades 5 and 6 as Under 12 (but there is some flexibility at the lower end and the league is willing to consider special circumstances). Both age groups have a ladder but the Under 10 competition does not involve finals. The Under 12 competition does culminate in a finals series and Grand Final.

When Are Games Played

The games are played on Saturday mornings and the season usually consists of about 14 Home & Away matches and a Round Robin match day at the start of the season. Under 10 matches commence at 8:45 am and Under 12 matches at 10:00 am.

Supply of Umpires

As part of the partnership with Football Victoria, the association is developing a pool of accredited umpires who are selected to officiate at all games. Parents or older siblings are encouraged to participate in this process by attending the annual umpire course run by the FV at the Knox School in Wantirna. See separate leaflet provided for this purpose.

Establishing a New Club

The SFL welcomes the establishment of new clubs. If you are interested in starting a new club, please contact us and we can provide practical assistance and advice, as well as ongoing help and support throughout the season.


This League was formed more than 50 years ago originally to enable children from local Catholic Primary schools to play football between each other on a Saturday morning and to leave Sundays free for Church and Family commitments. When the League first commenced the games were usually played on the School oval and run by the parents of the kids.
In recent times the League changed its name from the EICPSFA to the EPSFL, taking the opportunity to remove the Catholic title from its name in recognition that clubs were no longer a predominantly Catholic demographic. Indeed most clubs were now representative of a variety of schools & communities that shared the same desire to play Australian Rules football on a Saturday morning.  In a further development, as the league is the only remaining junior footy league to offer footy on Saturday mornings, the latest name change, the SFL (the Saturday Footy League), reflects and emphasises this point of difference. The league is now run by members of the local community with a footballing background, a passion for the game, and a genuine desire to teach and help kids to achieve their full potential while having fun.


This league prides itself on its family values and prioritises the wellbeing and development of each individual. The atmosphere at both training sessions and matches is so positive and it is clear that the players not only develop their footy skills, but that they also grow socially, experience a special sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship, and above all, have lots of fun.
While other junior footy leagues elect not to score their matches, the SFL believes that kids should have the opportunity to learn how to both win and lose, congratulate and commiserate, as this prepares them not only for the realities of sport but the realities of life too.
In recent times there has been a big societal shift as the Saturday morning time slot traditionally reserved for junior footy has been challenged by numerous other sports. All other leagues have opted for a Sunday morning and consequently, several families who either cannot play on a Sunday, or do not wish to be limited to Sundays (often purely for the reason of reserving one day of the week for family time) have abandoned Australian Rules Football altogether. The SFL is the only junior league in Melbourne running on a Saturday morning and we are committed to doing so in order to provide families with an important alternative.
We are passionate about footy and passionate about seeing every child reach their full potential. Giving all kids the opportunity to play footy in a supportive league surrounded by skilled, motivated and caring people is important to us.